• Grand Flowers & Gifts

    Who wants boring doors? Not I...and not Grand Flowers. What was once a brown door that blended in is now whimsical and bright, begging to be the backdrop in your next selfie!

  • Victory Worship Center

    I love painting a wall with a strong statement. Jesus, God of this City welcomes visitors to this lovely church as they visit and drink coffee.

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  • City Central Community Mural

    I was delighted when I was approached to create a 100+ foot long design for the community of my home town to join in and paint. Even though there were easily over 800 spaces to fill in, folks completed it in less than a week!

  • PC Provisions Community Mural

    After the success of City Central's mural..I quickly connected with one of my fav bistros and partnered for a day of the community purchasing a drink or sandwich allowing them to come paint a spot on the new mural I designed and layed out on the back of their building. As well we also partnered with our local Food Bank and the community was encouraged to donate canned goods as well. Fun side note, I was proposed to on a lift while painting this day!

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  • Magnolia Living Room

    A mural becomes a statement piece inside this warm, welcoming living room.

  • Building Blocks Bedroom

    How adorable and bright is this? A new baby on the way calls for a wall that they can grow with...and building blocks are for any age!

  • Barnyard Play House

    For the little farmer, a perfect little farm mural.

  • Wheel City Play Room

    Any boy would be excited to have his very own custom car area.

  • Choo Choo..Big Mural Ahead

    Planes, trains, automobiles brighten up and customize this young boys' bedroom...where I bet there will be more playing than sleeping!

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