PC Provisions Coffee Mural

Provisions PC...Delicious Coffee and Delightful Mural!

This is probably going to be one of my favorite projects for a long whiles! We have the cutest Coffee Bistro in downtown Ponca City, run by the most wonderful people, and I got to design a mural for the back of their business! It got even better then local coffee loves came, grabbed  cup of coffee and and paintbrush and painted a part of this mural! This mural followed closely behind my City Central Community Mural, and it was good to see some familiar faces who needed to sling more paint!

The process behind this mural was smoother than my first, I learned a lot the first go round. A whole draft was drawn up, approved by the business, and then I projected the image onto the building one evening (if you ever want folks to question what you're doing, use a projector in the middle of the night in a downtown alley!). Once the day of was at hand, we just encouraged folks to come help paint, and purchase something from Provisions ( I believe their sales doubled that day, so awesome!). It was a hot, but really fun day. On a personal note, while on a lift painting higher up....I was proposed to! What a surprise! I was hot and sweaty, focused on painting, covered in paint..he caught me in my perfect Rosie state.

After some vinyl work to put their adorable logo up, and an additional sign inside (yep, that order here window sign was done by my hand too!) downtown Ponca has a beautiful mural you can go enjoy and take your picture in front of! Check out the map below to see where you can spot it, and check out Provisions for some delicious food and coffee!
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