Honduras Hills

Honduras Hills

​The way will feel hard and impossible sometimes.

You know, the road of life.

There were some very steep places we trekked in Honduras. It seemed dangerous, it left me gasping for air..sometimes my legs felt like they were going to give out. This walkway specifically felt like an eternity of empty lungs and burning legs. But.

Always at the top of those climbs were beautiful sights and beautiful people. At the top of these climbs is a moment where you're like, wow, I am more resilient than I give myself credit for. It is amazing what we can push ourselves (or what sometimes feels like God is dragging us) through.

The way will feel hard and impossible at times, the road of life can and will be steep, it will steal your breath and exahust you. You might feel you are climbing at such an angle that you can't look up, or when you do, you just see more to climb. Don't give up. 

Truly. You are resilient, you have grit. And when you get to the top of your current steep uphill way, you can take a deep breath and discover that you are capable of wildly cool things. Cause that's just how God created you. 

When life is steep and painfully uphill....keep climbing.
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