A thought about Easter...and Jesus robbing the grave.

A thought about Easter...and Jesus robbing the grave.

We don’t like the term “robber”. It has negative connotation and for good reason. They take things from us that are ours...they invade our space! 

Think about Jesus, and His time leading up to His sacrifice at the cross. Judas double crossed him...Peter denied him 3 times, he was beaten, broke...taken to court in the middle of the night...which was illegal friends...soldiers took his clothes and bartered them to others….viciously and heartlessly hung on a cross with a piercing crown shoved on his head and stabbed in the side....It’s hard to think about. We could look at these events and I think easily feel like these folks were robbing Him of his dignity, his basic human rights...He was treated in a way that no man should ever be treated. It was wrong all around!

But our Jesus, even to death, never shouted at these men how wrong they were, He actually pleaded for God to forgive them. The last breath came, the veil torn in two..and Jesus’ body placed in a grave, with a stone rolled over the opening...I imagine at least a few of the folks involved were feeling a little...off...like, man, i might’ve just done something not ok…

But it wasn’t over. The stone was rolled to the side, and Jesus wasn’t there. Wow. There’s so many amazing songs that talk about Jesus defeating death, taking back our freedom….Guys, Jesus literally robbed the grave...HE ROBBED THE GRAVE! He stole the enemy’s ability to keep us buried and doomed….he took up each and every one of our sins’...so that we could step into salvation, be restored...and have a way towards eternal life in Heaven. Maybe you see where this is going.

Much of the time we don’t like the term “robber” and usually for good reason. But Jesus...robbed the grave. We don’t like robbers because they take things from us that are ours….but Jesus, came in and said...i’ll take on their sin...I’ll be the perfect sacrifice so that they don’t have to pay for what they should pay for. It isn’t theirs anymore, I’m covering it now. “Robbers” invade our space….Jesus was sacrificed….made a way where there wasn’t one..because He wants to take up space in us. He wants to speak to every dead and dry bone in our graves and resurrect it.

Our God robbed the grave...That is really echoing for me this season...and I couldn’t be happier that He did.
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